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NataliaKolo - B8 and B2

Have a chat with NataliaKolo - B8 and B2 - Frankenthal today. 19 years of practicing of B2. Welcome to my channel! :) Although young, I am an experienced empath, energy reader and a»»

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Aletheia - B8 and B2

Chat Live with Aletheia - B8 and B2 - Frankenthal today. 19 years of practice and competence in B2. My name is Altheia, a psychic lady. I can give the answers to your questions by u»»

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Taya - B8 and B2

Private Live Chat with Taya - B8 and B2 - Frankenthal right now. 13 years of career in B2. Magical abilities manifested in me in the dream state. I can dream, to go anywhere in the »»

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Togro - B8 and B2

Talk to Togro - B8 and B2 - Frankenthal now. 17 years of experience in B2. I'm a qualified Astrologer and Tarot reader. I started studying Tarot in 1992 and I also completed a 4 yea»»

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